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KEI Spotlight

Bank of Korea Governor, Kim, Choongsoo

September 26, 2011

The Current State of the Global Financial System and its Impact on Korea's Economy

September 22, 2011 KEI and the Korea Economic Society co-hosted Bank of Korea Governor, Kim, Choongsoo, for a discussion of the current state of the global financial system and its impact on the Korean economy. During the program, Governor Kim discussed the underlying causes of the initial global crisis in 2008, as well as the current crisis in Europe, and how Korea weathered the first crisis and the second may impact its economic performance.

Following the presentation, Governor Kim Choongsoo, Bank of Korea; Ambassador Charles L. Pritchard, KEI; and Sue-Kyong Vittas, IMF, took part in a Q & A session to conclude the program.


This event was mentioned by several Korean and English news sources, including:


You can watch the video from the event here.

The photos from the event are also available on KEI's Flickr.