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KEI Spotlight

A Celebration of Korean American Day, 2012

January 17, 2012

January 13, 2012 – The Korea Economic Institute celebrated the 2012 Korean American Day at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The 2012 celebration luncheon, held for the first time ever at the Newseum, celebrated the achievements and contributions of three pioneers in the fields of art and literature.

This year's honorees were:

Peter H. Lee, Professor Emeritus of Korean and Comparative Literature, UCLA

Youngsuk Chi, Chairman, Elsevier Management Committee

Daniel Dae Kim, Actor, "Hawaii Five-0" and "Lost"

The three honorees participated in a short discussion panel, moderated by Eun Yang (NBC4 Washington).

The Friday afternoon program also featured short remarks by Ambassador Jack Pritchard and Ambassador Han Duk-soo, a reading of the Congressional Resolution on Korean American day by KEI's Sarah Yun, a keynote speech by Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell, and a short introductory video of the Yeosu Expo in South Korea.

We sincerely thank everyone who came out to celebrate, with KEI, both Korean American Day and the great achievements of our three honorees.


To see a video recording of Korean American Day, please bear with us while we refine and upload our recording.

To see photos from the event, please visit KEI's Flickr


The Korea Economic Institute received media coverage of the event from the following news outlets:

캠벨 "남북관계 개선 먼저 이뤄져야" – 동아일보

한국계 美 배우 대니얼 대 킴 '자랑스러운 한인상' 받아 – 국민일보

"행운은 노력의 교차로에서 만나는 걸" – 서울신문

한국계 할리우드 스타 대니얼 대 킴 "최민식 좋아해" – 중앙일보

2세들이 정치적 영향력 키우자 – KTFace

'자랑스러운 한인상' 수상 헐리우드 한국계 배우 대니얼 대 킴 – 조선일보 (photos only)

'자랑스러운 한인상' 수상…"여수엑스포때 한국 방문" – 매일경제

대니얼 대 킴 "기회되면 한국 영화 출연하고파" – 연합뉴스

“한인 교육열 없었으면 배우 대니얼 김도 없었죠” – ChannelA 뉴스

피터 리 前교수 등 3명 '올해의 한인' 선정 – 한국일보

'자랑스러운 한인상' 수상 헐리우드 한국계 배우 대니얼 대 킴- 연합뉴스

Actor Daniel Dae Kim Honored by Korea Economic Institute – JoongAng Daily

Daniel Dae Kim Honored by Korea Economic Institute – Hawaii Five-0 Online