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What Happened On March 17, the Korea-LAC Digital Cooperation Forum commenced, which fosters cooperation between Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC) and South Korea. Leading up to the event, President Moon stated that Korea and LAC are ideal partners in spaces such as digital and eco-friendly technology. These events come the same month Korea is to fully implement its fair-trade…

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Region: South America

March 24, 2021

By Thomas Lee With almost three months remaining before the 7th Korean Worker’s Party Plenum is scheduled to convene in May, South Korean intelligence sources state that North Korea appears to preparing for its fifth nuclear test. Although few if any signs of test preparations have been detected by satellite imagery, the recent experience with…

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Region: Asia

March 3, 2016

By Kristen Lee During the 1960’s under President Park Chung-hee’s economic stewardship, the founders of today’s chaebol facilitated South Korea’s recovery after the war. These huge family-led business conglomerates became the foundation of the Korean economy and an integral part of Korea’s export-oriented growth. This rapid economic development, known as the “Miracle on the Han…

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Region: Asia

February 5, 2014