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KEI Past Publication Series

KEIA Publication Series

Our past publication highlights our record throughout the years. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum at elementum dui, sed convallis ex. Mauris gravida ultrices nulla. Proin tristique sed nulla quis fermentum. Fusce tristique non ex ut congue. Pellentesque ligula felis, aliquam at felis sed, pharetra pharetra diam. Aliquam ullamcorper turpis sed laoreet pretium.

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Red Devil Fever and the Branding of Korea

Red is a strong color. It is a color of passion, energy, power, and confidence. According to some studies, it can actually produce physical results, such as increasing the rate of respiration and blood pressure. Red also captures people‚Äôs attention and incites them to take action. In some cultures, red…

Can I Play, Too? Korean Athletes in U.S. Sports: Jim Paek, the First Korean to Hoist the Stanley Cup

For the over 1.5 million Korean-Americans living in the United States today, what part do sports play in the American experience? For that matter, what role do sports have in Korean culture? This article will begin the examination of the contributions and achievements of Korean-born and Korean-American athletes who have…

Is Korea Ready for the Demographic Revolution? The World's Most Rapidly Aging Society with the Most Rapidly Declining Fertility Rate

The world is about to experience a demographic revolution. Throughout history, the elderly population (people aged 65 and over) never amounted to more than 2−3% in any country. Today, in developed countries, the elderly population accounts for 15% of the total population. The United Nations projected that by 2030 the…

The Role of the Military in the Fall of the Ceausescu Regime and the Possible Relevance for a Post-Kim Jong-il Transition in North Korea

In September 2008, reports began to circulate in the world media that Chairman Kim Jong-il might be in serious condition after having suffered a stroke, and discussion on possible post-Kim Jong-il transition scenarios in North Korea once again made the headline news. For a few months, plausible post-Kim Jong-il transition…

Moving the KORUS FTA Forward in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

Despite the clear benefits of KORUS FTA for the United States and Korea, it has been stalled for nearly 18 months due to disputes over U.S. beef and the sale of U.S. autos in Korea. While the difficulties over U.S. beef have largely been resolved, the onset of the financial…