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Korea’s Economy Volume 30

13 Publications

Spurring the Development of Venture Capital in Korea

Korea has made fostering a “creative economy” a top priority to sustain economic development and avoid the “low-growth trap.” The goal is to shift Korea’s growth strategy from an emphasis on exports by large chaebols to one that favors innovation, including venture capital investment in new firms. Korea’s high level…

Korea’s Economic Relations with the EU and the Korea-EU FTA

Since the late 1990s, Korea has sought a FTA with its trade partners, while the EU has been pivoting to Asia since the mid-2000s in search of a FTA partner. The Korea-EU FTA was important for both sides: Korea had been recording the most important trade surplus with the EU;…

130 years between Korea and Italy: Evaluation and Prospect

Last year was a special year for Korea and Italy as it marked the 130th anniversary of the Korean-Italian diplomatic relationship. Today, Korea and Italy share similar economic features including competitiveness and global companies. Their relationship has grown in the last few decades with the bilateral volume of trade between…

130 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Italy

2014 marked the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Korea. This paper provides a historical overview of the relations between the two countries and gives two examples of Italian events that were organized to celebrate the special occasion.

130th Anniversary of Korea’s Economic Relations with Russia

The beginning of Korea-Russia economic relations go back 130 years, however, for most of the last century, the relationship between Korea and Russia has been curtailed due to historical events. It was not until the early 1990s that South Korea and Russia established new diplomatic ties and resumed normal economic…

The Costs of Korean Unification: Realistic Lessons from the German Case

German unification is often used as a preview on what is going to happen in Korea. Such a position is rejected in this article. Not only have the costs of German unification been grossly overestimated or misinterpreted, the costs in the Korean case will in many areas be lower than…