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Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2016

22 Publications

Introduction | Shaping the Future of Economic Architecture in East Asia

Lately, many questions have been raised about how new currents are reshaping the economic architecture in East Asia, ranging from the Russian Far East to the Indian sub-continent with narrower geographical spans usually drawing most attention as long as they keep in mind either the inclusion or exclusion of the…

Shaping the Future of East Asian Economic Architecture: Views from ASEAN

The world has witnessed significant changes in its economic and strategic landscape since the Cold War era. In today’s multipolar system, states have a variety of partners that they can choose to engage. Also, globalization has not only deepened economic interdependency but also made several issues transnational. Increasing linkages heighten…

China’s Visions of Future East Asian Economic Integration

East Asia has been the fastest growing area in the world in recent decades. Starting with Japan in the 1950s, East Asian countries have consecutively taken part in the global economic system and have become connected with each other through the market economy. East Asia is among the most economically…

Why is East Asian Economic Integration Important to the United States?

East Asian economic integration has rapidly advanced through several mechanisms: the economic dialogue in APEC and ASEAN+3, financial cooperation via the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM), and infrastructure investment through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and portals for implementing China’s One Belt One Road initiative (OBOR). Most recently, the…