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Insight 2006

12 Publications

Korean Women: You have Come A Long Way

Confucianism has influenced gender roles more than any other factor in Korean society. Traditionally, women’s roles were limited to household matters, and young girls were taught to prepare for their future roles as wife and mother. After South Korea was established as the Republic of Korea in 1948, however, women…

North Korea’s Taepodong 2 and the End of the Missile Moratorium

A good part of June was filled with reports, speculation, and plenty of opinions about North Korea’s missile program and the question of whether or not Pyongyang would test a Taepodong 2. Those that were most concerned about a possible North Korea long-range missile test believe it represents Pyongyang’s ultimate…

Developments in the Korean Auto Industry

For those following developments in the Korean auto industry, the first quarter of 2006 has certainly proven to be anything but mundane. Recent headlines have touted the further expansion of Hyundai and KIA’s global production networks and the rising brand image being enjoyed by Korean automobiles. Not all of the…

Economic Recovery Gathering Strength

There are growing signs that Korea’s economy is growing in a more sustainable manner after a long battle to overcome the depressive effects of household debt problems and a reluctance of business to invest in plant and equipment.

Engagement in Action: The Kaesong Industrial Complex

As 2005 wound down, the Six Party Talks appear stalled with the talks likely to resume no earlier than midJanuary. North Korean officials spent December deriding the new U.S. Ambassador to Seoul, Alexander Vershbow, as a “tyrant” for his criticism of the North’s reported counterfeiting of U.S. $100 bills. North…

Investment Down, but More Free Trade in Korea’s Future

After a record year in 2004 that saw foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to Korea increase by 97.7 percent, 2005 saw a step back with a drop of nearly 10 percent, from $12.8 billion to $11.6 billion. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy (MOCIE), a combination of…