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Korea Economic Institute presents

Takeaways from a Time of Increased Friction: South Korea-Japan Security Cooperation from 2015 to Present

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Event Date

September 23rd 2021 10:00am - 11:00am ET

Event Location

Livestreamed from KEI's YouTube Channel

Naoko Aoki

Research Associate
Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland

Naoko Aoki, Ph.D., is a research associate at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland and an adjunct professor at American University. She works primarily on East Asian political and security issues. Her professional experience includes fellowships at...

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Kyle Ferrier

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Event Description

South Korea and Japan share liberal democratic values and common geopolitically challenges, but a close security partnership has eluded the two governments due to tensions stemming from political and historical issues. Although various forms of defense cooperation between Seoul and Tokyo have endured, grassroots military-to-military exchanges between the two countries – which in the past continued despite political problems – have largely stopped since late 2018.

At a time when crucial components of direct defense cooperation between Korea and Japan have been interrupted, please join KEI for a discussion with Northeast Asia security expert Dr. Naoko Aoki. She will cover how key factors have affected bilateral security cooperation in recent years as well as lessons that can be learned from this period to bolster defense relations in the future.

The event will be livestreamed on KEI’s YouTube channel. RSVP to receive the link.