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Korea Economic Institute of America Presents:

VIDEO RELEASE | Seoul: Tale of a Smart City

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Kristi Shalla

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Sung Jin Park

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Tom Ramage

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Seoul’s efforts at urban planning and smart city development have set it on a remarkable journey to becoming a global city, World Design Capital, and international hub for visiting students, technologists, and tourists. Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Myeongdong Shopping Street, and the upscale Gangnam district have all become synonymous with Seoul’s vision of urban success and are the result of decades of mayoral and government policies aimed at bringing Seoul to its full potential. KEI Economic Policy Analyst Tom Ramage sits down with authors Dr. Sung Jing Park and Kristi Shalla to talk about the policies that made it happen for a discussion on their recently published book “Seoul: Tale of a Smart City” (March 2024). Topics covered include the technologies being used to make Seoul smarter and safer, the role that artificial intelligence will have in city development, how the city has changed across different administrations, and what’s ahead with Seoul Vision 2030.