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KEI Presents:

NATO, Korea, and Japan: Developing Partnerships

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Event Date

August 10th 10:00am - 11:00am ET

Event Location

KEI Conference Facility & YouTube

A conversation featuring:

James H. Mackey

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Mark Tokola

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Komei Isozaki

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Event Description

Following the July 11-12, 2023, NATO Vilnius Summit, new partnership programs were announced between NATO and Korea, and NATO and Japan.  The two ITPPs (Individually Tailored Partnership Programs) are broad ranging, including, among other subjects, military interoperability, cybersecurity, cooperation in science and technology, the response to climate change in the security realm, and public diplomacy.  As NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg put it, “”We value the partnership with you because security is not regional, security is global,” he said. “What happens in the Indo-Pacific matters for Europe and what happens in Europe matters for the Indo-Pacific.”

Please join us for our discussion of why NATO, Korea, and Japan are drawing closer together and how the new partnerships will work.