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The Council of Korean Americans and KEI Present:

Flawless: Lessons in Looks and Culture from the K-Beauty Capital

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Event Date

June 21st 5:30pm - 7:30pm ET

Event Location

Studio 1 at NPR: 1111 North Capitol Street, NE

A conversation with:

Elise Hu
Host at-large
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Jean Lee
BBC's The Lazarus Heist
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Event Description

Beauty has captured imaginations worldwide by promising a kind of mesmerizing perfection. In the four years that Author Elise Hu spent in Seoul as NPR’s bureau chief, the global K-Beauty industry quadrupled. Today it is worth $10 billion and growing as it rides the Hallyu wave around the globe.

Join us on June 21st as journalists Elise Hu and Jean Lee, Co-Host of BBC’s The Lazarus Heist, deep-dive into Elise’s just-released book Flawless: Lessons in Looks and Culture from the K-Beauty Capital,  an audacious journalistic exploration of the present and future of beauty through the lens of South Korea’s booming K-Beauty industry and the culture it promotes.