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Korea Economic Institute of America Presents:

Emerging Voices on Korea Symposium: New Trends in North Korea

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Event Date

August 9th 12:00pm - 12:00am EST

Event Description

As part of its continuing efforts to highlight new thinkers on Korea, KEI selected a group of talented students to present and develop their research interests. All presenters and papers were recommended by leading Asia professors and selected from an international pool. The first session of the symposium will focus on the important topics of emerging trends in North Korea.

Being a closed society for decades, the increase of cell phones and the Internet in North Korea can provide new information that could change the way of life for North Koreans but could also be dangerous for the current regime. Moreover, cell phones and the Internet can impact the economy of North Korea, yet the North Korean government’s economic approach has fluctuated between reform and rescinding of policies that would benefit its people. The growing use of cell phones and the Internet in North Korea along with the need for economic reform creates interesting challenges and changes for a country with a history of suppressing information.

The first part of the symposium featured three students working on North Korea presnted their papers, followed by an engaging discussion on these topics. We hope you can attend and participate in the development of new ideas and emerging voices on Korea.

Nothing to Be Afraid Of?: North Korean Political Economy and Economic Reform
Ian Rinehart, George Washington University

North Koreans Have Cell Phones
Peter Nesbitt, Georgetown University

Selling North Korea in New Frontiers: Profit and Revolution in Cyberspace
Jane Kim, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Ambassador Charles L. (Jack) Pritchard, President, Korea Economic Institute

John Park, Ph.D., Senior Program Officer, Northeast Asia, U.S. Institute of Peace

These papers were recommended by Victor Cha (Georgetown University) and Kathryn Weathersby (Johns Hopkins SAIS).