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KEI Spotlight

Troy Stangarone appears on NTD TV to speak about KORUS

September 25, 2018

On September 24, KEI Senior Director of Congressional Affairs & Trade Troy Stangarone appeared on NTD TV to discuss the implications of President Trump's signing of the revised KORUS Agreement. He is quoted saying: "As we deal [with North Korea]… [it is important] to make sure that we are not having disputes over our trade relationship… by taking and signing this now and hopefully pulling this off the table, it strengthens our ability to deal with North Korea." 

Troy also appeared on Epoch Times to underscore that automotives only constitute "a small portion of the overall U.S. trade profile with South Korea." He also pointed to the unresolved question of whether South Korea would receive an exemption under U.S. Section 232 investigation into whether imports of automobiles and auto parts threaten to impair national security.