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KEI and KIEP Presents

U.S.-Korea Cooperation on Economic Security & the Inflation Reduction Act

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January 25th 3:00pm - 4:30pm EST

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Tami Overby
Senior Director
McLarty Associates
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Wonho Yeon
Head of the Economic Security Team
Korea Institute of International Economic Policy (KIEP)
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Troy Stangarone
Senior Director and Fellow
Korea Economic Institute of America
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Sungil Kwak
Director of Economic and Security Strategy Department
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy(KIEP)
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Event Description

The supply chain disruptions of the pandemic and geopolitical tension with China have focused the United States and Korea on the need for resilient supply chains, but at times with different emphases in the two countries. As Washington and Seoul manage these economic challenges, how do they view economic security and how can they best work together to build resilient supply chains that are mutually beneficial? In the case of the Inflation Reduction Act, what can the United States do to address the concerns that Seoul has for the law’s impact on the Korean economy?

Please join KEI and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy for a discussion of how the United States and Korea can best build mutually resilient supply chains and address concerns over the discriminatory provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act.