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KEI Spotlight

Vital Venture

March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012 – Korea Economic Institute partnered with the Center for New American Security to present and release a report by Dr. Patrick Cronin, CNAS Senior Advisor and Senior Director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program, entitled, "Vital Venture: Economic Engagement of North Korea and the Kaesong Industrial Complex." In the report, Cronin provides insight into the dynamics at Kaesong and strongly argues for using political transition on both sides of the DMZ to engage, probe and reassess approaches to North Korea. Incorporating extensive interactions with South Korean government officials and scholars, Vital Venture analyzes North Korean adaptation and survival strategies, investigates the history of Kaesong and its status after the Sunshine Policy as well as its significant implications for U.S. policy. Ambassador Jack Pritchard will provide commentary on this thought provoking paper.

This program was moderated by KEI President, Ambassador Jack Pritchard.


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