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KEI Spotlight

University Programs, here and abroad!

November 9, 2012

Throughout the month of October and in early November, KEI's Director of Research and Academic Affairs, Nicholas Hamisevicz was busy traveling around the U.S., and even all the way to Brittish Columbia in Canada, to conduct some KEI University Programs and Six Party Talks Simulations. 

He conducted programs at the following Universities around the country: 

October 15-16 | Georgia State

On October 15 and 16, KEI was invited back to Georgia State University by Grace O, Professor of Economics in its Andrew Young School of Policy Studies to again do its Six Party Talks Simulation and organize a panel discussion. On October 15, Nicholas Hamisevicz, KEI’s Director of Research and Academic Affairs, facilitated the Six Party Talks simulation for 73 students from Georgia State. The group had a good range of different agreements and one group that could not reach an agreement, providing examples for quality comparison and discussion.

In the morning on October 16, Anthony Kim, Senior Policy Analyst in Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation spoke to Professor Grace O’s macroeconomic class about how the United States and Korea handled the most recent financial crisis as well as ways students can better prepare themselves to get jobs with a degree in economics.

In the afternoon of October 16, KEI’s Nicholas Hamisevicz moderated a panel on the U.S.’s foreign policy approach to East Asia. The speakers were Anthony Kim, Senior Policy Analyst in Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation and Abraham Denmark, Senior Director for Political and Security Affairs, The National Bureau of Asian Research. Mr. Kim talked about the economic aspects of foreign policy in Asia and Mr. Denmark talked about the political and security contexts that are impacted current affairs in the region. 

October 17 | Columbia University

On October 17, KEI worked with Columbia University to put on a panel discussion on the importance of trilateral cooperation between the U.S., South Korea, and Japan. Dr. Patrick Cronin, Senior Advisor and Senior Director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security and Dr. Junya Nishino, Japan Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center and Associate Professor at Keio University were the main speakers. Charles Armstrong, the Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences in the Department of History and the Director of the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University was the moderator for the event. Other speakers included a Burgess Professor of Political Science, Director of the Toyota Research Program in the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University, Jeong-Ho Roh, Lecturer in Law at Columbia University School of Law, Jin Shin, President of the Institute for Peace Affairs, and Jung Ro Kim, Director of Policy Cooperation at the Republic of Korea Ministry of Unification.

The panel discussed trilateral cooperation in an uncertain Asia where transitions and elections are occurring, territorial issues are raising tensions, and security concerns are still prominent. The group also debated what issues would be best for the three countries to work on together for an audience of Columbia faculty, students, and members of the community.

October 23-25 | University of British Columbia 

On October 23-24, KEI returned to the University of British Columbia (UBC). On October 23, Nicholas Hamisevicz, Director of Research and Academic Affairs, facilitated KEI’s Six Party Talks simulation for 15 students pursuing a Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies at UBC. Following the simulation, Nicholas Hamisevicz also held a career discussion with the students where they had a conversation about career tips and internship and job opportunities focused on Asia policy.

On October 24, KEI and UBC worked together to bring in Ralph Cossa, President of the Pacific Forum CSIS to talk about track two dialogues and alternative avenues for engaging North Korea. Mr. Cossa gave an excellent presentation and answered a lot of questions on North Korea and the U.S. policy toward Asia in the coming years. 

October 26 | American University (At KEI)

On Friday, October 26, 2012, KEI welcomed back Professor John Calabrese and his students from American University’s Washington Semester Program. 17 students participated in KEI’s Six Party Talks simulation, and all three groups were able to come up with agreements during the game. The students also discussed current issues involving North and South Korea with KEI’s Director of Research and Academic Affairs, Nicholas Hamisevicz. 

November 2-3 | University of Virginia

On November 2-3, KEI visited the school founded by Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia. On Friday, November 2, Nicholas Hamisevicz, Director of Research and Academic Affairs, and Linda Kim, Director of Programs, facilitated KEI’s Six Party Talks simulation for 33 students. KEI was also part of a lunch and dinner celebrating and discussion the connections made between KEI, the University of Virginia, and the USA Pavilion staff at the Yeosu Expo. KEI was a sponsor and advisor to the group that organized the USA pavilion at the Expo.

On Saturday, November 3, KEI participated in Korea Day at UVA and was one of the sponsors. KEI had a booth where we passed out some of KEI’s publications and talked to students about internships and jobs relating to Korea and Asia in Washington, DC. Nicholas Hamisevicz, Director of Research and Academic Affairs, gave brief remarks about the importance of remaining engaged with issues involving Korea, making connections, and then using those connections to take on important challenges, especially in an Asian-Pacific century. 

November 6 | Catholic University

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Scott Urbom, the DPRK Unit Chief in the Office of Korean Affairs at the U.S. Department of State spoke to 24 students at Catholic University. Mr. Urbom gave off-the-record remarks about U.S. policy toward Korea and East Asia to students in Dr. Andrew Yeo’s United States, China, and the International Relations of East Asia class. He also provided the students some insight into his career and how he got involved in foreign policy. Mr. Urbom took questions from the students about Korea and about career possibilities. 


Following the completion of these programs, the number of participants for KEI's University Programs grew to 3,255!