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KEI Spotlight

Troy Stangarone Quoted in Korea Herald

July 3, 2013

KEI's Troy Stangarone was quoted in the Korea Herald article titled, "Farmers seek edge to prosper from China FTA." Please find below the excerpt:

Importing raw goods and re-exporting them as refined or processed ― and higher-priced ― products is another strategy Korea can use to create opportunity, said Troy Stangarone, senior director of trade at the Washington-based Korea Economic Institute of America.

“High-end and specialized food products would allow Korean farmers to earn higher margins on their exports,” he said. However, Stangarone noted, intra-industry trade with China has its limits, as the country’s distribution network is limited and Chinese food processors still largely process for export rather than domestic consumption.

“To tap into this market, Korean exporters would likely need to develop distribution networks in China,” he added.

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