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KEI Spotlight

North Korea's Overseas Laborers Program

May 20, 2015

On May 12, 2015 the Korea Economic Institute of America and the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights hosted a conference titled "Human Rights and North Korea's Overseas Laborers: Dilemmas and Policy Challenges". 

Please find below articles on the program:

Foreign Affairs | Outsourcing Oppression
Arirang News
| Dispatching workers abroad crucial way for N. Korea to earn foreign currency: expert
MarketWatch |  North Korea turning to human trafficking for foreign currency

Yonhap News | 북한 해외노동자 파견, 정권의 주요 외화획득 수단
SBS | 북한, 해외노동자 파견이 주요 외화획득 수단
Asia Today | 북한 해외노동자, 정권 외화획득 수단이자 생명줄
AJU Business Daily | 北정권, 해외 파견 노동자 임금 착취…연 2천억원 외화 챙겨