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KEI Spotlight

North Korea Agrees to Send Athletes, Delegation to PyeongChang Olympics

January 9, 2018

January 9, 2018 | Washington, DC

After high-level talks between South Korea and North Korea yesterday, the North Koreans have agreed to send a delegation to the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang. 

Please find below comments from KEI President Donald Manzullo about this agreement.

Please contact KEI Communications Director Jenna Gibson at for more information.


  • “Sports and the arts are wonderful conduits for better relationships between individuals – and between countries. I look forward to seeing the fruits of this discussion when the North Korean delegation travels to the games in PyeongChang.”


  • “While it’s unclear what commitments North Korea has made beyond attending the Olympics, it should be clear that any North Korean tests or other provocations in the run-up to or during the games would undermine the good will created through these talks.”


  • “Of course, South Korea and the United States need to keep the ultimate goal of denuclearization in mind. But anything that can reduce the chances of a miscalculation or misunderstanding is a positive step.”


  • “While this agreement is a positive step toward decreasing tensions on the peninsula, it is important to remember the task ahead, of convincing North Korea to cease its provocations and nuclear development, and continuing to apply pressure on the regime through sanctions. And we must not let this breakthrough allow us forget about other important issues, such as continuing to shine a light on North Korean human rights.”