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KEI Spotlight

Media Coverage of KEI-Sasakawa Seminar on New Congress and U.S. Policy towards Asia

January 14, 2019

Korea Economic Institute co-hosted a seminar on January 8 with Sasakawa USA. Focusing on the role of the new Congress in U.S. foreign policy towards the Asia-Pacific, panelists at this event included former Congressman Boustany, Ambassador Stephens, Ambassador Yun, and Ambassador Zumwalt.

Media coverage of this event focused on the panel’s expectation that the second U.S.-DPRK Summit will likely be held shortly – potentially in late February or early March – and the criticism that there has not yet been sufficient groundwork to ensure that the leaders’ meeting concludes with tangible steps towards denuclearization. In addition, the panel underscored the need for the Republic of Korea and the United States to further bring in regional actors like China and Japan to play a role in the talks.  

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In addition, NoCut News interviewed KEI non-resident fellow Kim Yonho after the event on the implications of the U.S. federal government's shutdown on the prospective summit. Kim responded that it would be difficult to prepare for a summit meeting at a time when the State Department is not functioning at a 100%.  

See the article here (Korean)