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KEI Spotlight

Kim Yonho's Article in KDI's January 2019 Report on North Korea

February 1, 2019

KEI non-resident fellow Yonho Kim was featured in KDI's January report on the state of the North Korean economy. His paper, titled "Normalizing U.S.-DPRK Economic Relations: U.S. Perspective," takes stock of the current political debate in the United States on the issue of sanctions relief and the prospective steps that would be required for North Korea to participate in global trade. 

Currently, the South Korean government has been more forward-leaning on advancing inter-Korean economic cooperation while the U.S. government is focused on maintaining maximum pressure. Simultaneously, going into the second U.S.-DPRK summit, growing voices in the United States recognize the need to consider the lifting of sanctions. At this critical moment, Kim's article identifies actors that would be involved in the normalization of bilateral economic relations with North Korea, lays out the sequence that this process would take, and assesses the prospect of North Korea joining international financial institutions.

Please find a link to the full issue here (Korean)