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KEI Spotlight

KEI Vice President Mark Tokola on Sky News

January 18, 2019

KEI Vice President Mark Tokola spoke with Sky News moments after the White House announced that President Trump and Kim Jong-un will meet for the second time in late February. 

While many criticized this development, Tokola welcomed the news and called for people to remember where the situation was at the end of 2017. He did underscore the need for both sides to define and agree on what complete denuclearization means – a necessary step in building a roadmap for denuclearization. 

On potential venues, Tokola mentioned that Vietnam would carry certain symbolism, as the country had been an adversary of the United States and then reconciled. 

Sky News asked whether it was a coincidence that President Trump's speech on revamping the missile defense strategy came a day before the DPRK envoy Kim Yong-chul visited Washington DC. Tokola noted that the missile defense review has been going on for a while and that U.S. national security strategy still identifies traditional threats like North Korea as threats. In this environment, he does not believe that the speech on missile defense was necessarily intended to frame immediate discussions with North Korea.