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KEI Spotlight

KEI Senior Director Troy Stangarone on U.S. Impeachment Inquiry and the Koreas

November 5, 2019

Writing for the Diplomat Magazine, KEI Senior Director and Fellow Troy Stangarone asks how the impeachment inquiry might affect the Trump administration's ability to navigate negotiations with North Korea. He looks to precedent set by the Nixon and Clinton administrations for answers. He finds that in these past two cases of impeachments, both presidents were able to execute foreign policy without much interruptions. 

Stangarone does observe that President Nixon was forced to rely more heavily on individuals like Henry Kissinger as he faced Congressional scrutiny; and the Clinton administration saw Congress entrench further on foreign policy issues where it held an opposing view from the administration. For instance, during the Asian Financial Crisis, Congress denied the administration's request to allocate greater resources to the International Monetary Fund. 

Stangarone also caveats that the two preceding impeachment inquiries did not center around foreign policy issues – as such, the Trump administration may face a different kind of scrutiny. 

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