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KEI Spotlight

KEI President Kathleen Stephens at KIEP seminar on U.S. midterm election

November 15, 2018

KEI President & CEO Kathleen Stephens was in South Korea to participate in a seminar on the implications of the U.S. midterm election results, which KEI co-hosted with the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP). 

During her remarks, Ambassador Stephens pointed to the legislation condemning North Korea's human rights violations as one of the few bipartisan measures taken by Congress since President Trump was elected. She noted that the attention on the human rights situation in North Korea may further expand under the new Congress. 

Ambassador Stephens also anticipated Congressional oversight to increase with the House of Representatives in Democratic control, particularly on issues such as Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election and administration's policy towards the Middle East.

On U.S. engagement with North Korea, Ambassador Stephens warned that advocacy for partial lifting of DPRK sanctions may face more difficulties, particularly following the high-profile report from CSIS and New York Times that North Korea's missile program has been bolstered since the Singapore Summit.  

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