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KEI Spotlight

Is Korea policy too important to be left to the Americans?

April 1, 2021

In his latest column for the Asia Times, KEI Vice President Mark Tokola notes that there are four assumptions that underpin the U.S. approach to North Korea.

  1. There is a Korea problem that needs solving;
  2. The biggest problem is North Korea’s nuclear weapons program;
  3. Only a united international community can persuade North Korea to alter its course;
  4. The United States must lead the way.

In particular, Mark places a spotlight on the fourth assumption and calls for its reevaluation. He sees U.S. participation as necessary but insufficient to resolve the “Korea question.” He argues that “small deals” between North Korea and China, Russia, Japan, Australia, ASEAN, or the EU could play a role in North Korea treating other countries better. He also does not see why incorporating these efforts would necessarily delay denuclearization.

Read the full article here.