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KEI Spotlight

CNBC quotes Kyle Ferrier on the political challenges of investing in inter-Korean projects

October 4, 2018

KEI Director Kyle Ferrier was quoted in a CNBC article on October 3, underscoring the potential political challenge facing President Moon Jae-in as he attempts to invest in inter-Korea projects. With Seoul proposing USD 419 million for people-to-people engagements such as family reunions and sporting exchanges, Ferrier notes: "Regardless of diplomacy, spending tens of billions of dollars in North Korea at a time when many South Koreans are unhappy with their own economy could be tough to sell politically."

Simultaneously, Ferrier hints that because South Korean entities invested in North Korean projects would stand to lose their money if tensions resume, it is unlikely for high profile ventures like the inter-Korean railway to proceed until U.S. or UN sanctions on Pyongyang are lifted.

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