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KEI Spotlight

BBC World Interviews Kyle Ferrier on 5G in Korea

April 10, 2019

BBC World Service interviewed KEI Director of Academic Affairs Kyle Ferrier on South Korea's rollout of its 5G network. 

As the first country to commercialize the next generation of internet connectivity, South Korea now carries a competitive advantage. However, Kyle Ferrier recommends that market observers should temper their expectations at this stage as further developments in areas such the Internet of Things (IoT) and autonomous vehicles are necessary to fully take advantage of the advances offered by the 5G network. 

Ferrier adds that this was the outcome of a proactive government policy to foster new drivers of growth as competition from China has pushed Korean firms out of the market space in several sectors, including shipbuilding. 

Please find the recording here – Kyle Ferrier's segment can be found at 26:50