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Korea Economic Institute of America Presents:

Navigating Troubled Waters (Session 2): Transforming Key Regional Relationships

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May 18th 9:00am - 10:15am EST

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Webinar to be livestreamed

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Navigating Troubled Waters:
The Republic of Korea and the Indo-Pacific

Session 2:
Transforming Key Regional Relationships:
South Korea’s Security Ties with the U.S. and ASEAN countries


Dr. Andrew Yeo
Professor of Politics and Director of Asian Studies,
Catholic University of America

Dr. Prashanth Parameswaran
Global Fellow, Asia Program,
Wilson Center

With Discussants:

Dr. Hoo Chiew Ping
Senior Lecturer, Strategic Studies and International Relations Program,
National University of Malaysia

Moderated by:

Kyle Ferrier
Fellow and Director of Academic Affairs, KEI

As the Indo-Pacific becomes the focal point of the growing rivalry between Washington and Beijing, the United States looks to uphold the existing rules-based order in the region through initiatives such as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. South Korea has not yet formally endorsed these endeavors – but remains actively engaged in the Indo-Pacific through its New Southern Policy. However, the intensification of the U.S.-China competition challenges Seoul’s efforts to cooperate with its principal ally while avoiding Beijing’s economic retaliation and misalignment on engagement with North Korea.

Ahead of the summit between ROK President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Joe Biden, please join KEI for two panel discussions (See Session 1 here) on the major political, security, and diplomatic issues for South Korea in the Indo-Pacific region as well recommendations for Seoul on navigating its difficult geopolitical environment.