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Korea Economic Institute of America Presents:

Cosponsoring North Korea Policy by Members of U.S. Congress Since 1993

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Event Date

April 28th 12:00pm - 12:00am EST

Event Description

Why do some members of U.S. Congress seek greater involvement in U.S. Foreign Policy towards North Korea? Who in Congress is more likely to co-sponsor a bill related to North Korea? What about North Korean human rights vs. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program? KEI invites you to hear some possible answers to those questions, before tackling the question of “so what?”

In his paper, Dr. Jungkun Seo of the University of North Carolina, provides a historical overview of North Korea-related bills and resolutions in Congress since 1993. Using statistical analysis models, Dr. Seo then tests factors that may determine House members’ co-sponsorship incentives of such bills and resolutions. His results may confirm what you already knew, but they also might surprise you.

Please join us on April 28, for a luncheon discussion on the “so what?” The event will begin with a brief presentation of Dr. Seo’s paper, the 33rd in KEI’s Academic Paper Series On Korea, before the floor opens for discussion. With this paper and topic, KEI aims to provide the platform for a lively discussion on what, if any, implications there are to being able to identify trends in congress when it comes to “anything North Korea.” Active participation will be encouraged.