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Join us for a panel discussion on the foreign policy, trade, and many other aspects of the alliance that bind the United States and the Republic of Korea.

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Region: Asia

February 4, 2021
Mark Tokola, Jennifer Brannan, Sung-hoon Park

South Korea is one of Oregon’s top five trading partners and Oregon is home to 25,000+ Korean Americans. And Portland has strong ties to South Korea through its Sister City Ulsan (which ships Hyundai cars through the U.S. gateway of Portland). What does the horizon of U.S.-Korea relations hold? And how might the evolving nature of political, economic, and security issues in the Korean peninsula effect that relationship—both regionally and nationally? Join us for this vital discussion with Economic Counselor Choi Jin-won from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Foreign Affairs Officer Joshua Pierce from the Department of State, and Mark Tokola, Vice-President of the Korean Economic Institute, with KEI President and former Congressman Donald Manzullo, as we explore the future of Korean-US diplomatic and economic-trade relations.   For more information, please click here. Cosponsored with the office of Oregon's Honorary Consul of Korea. A program of the World Affairs Councils of America and the Korea Economic Institute

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October 24, 2016