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Rosa Chung

Director of Finance and Human Resources
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About Rosa Chung

As Director of Finance and Human Resources for KEI, Rosa Chung provides financial acumen and strategic insight to ensure the financial health and integrity of the organization. In this position, she oversees all areas of finance including financial planning and analysis, reporting, as well as human resources and compliance. She also brings her expertise in strategy and operations, developed from her work across business, association, and foundations. In her previous role as Director of Women’s Transportation Seminar, professional association advocating for gender equity in transportation, and its affiliated foundation, she oversaw all core functions of both organizations and was responsible for financial and human resources management. She has over a decade of experience with many aspects of human resources management, including change management and administrative infrastructure to support the long-term success of business and organizations, and is committed to strengthening the link between people, strategy and processes, as well as motivating and developing talent.

Ms. Chung has extensive foreign and public policy research experience. With her foreign languages and quantitative training, she held researcher positions at universities, think tanks, and law firms in Washington and provided research and briefings with particular emphasis on Eastern Europe and Korea issues to a variety of clients and audiences in policy circles. She also worked with congressional offices advocating for positions based on her research on various policy issues and managed fundraising and communications on the Hill.

She received her Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University and Ph.D. in Slavic Studies from Warsaw University. She also held a post-doc researcher position at Harvard University.