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Kirk W. Larsen 

Associate Professor
Brigham Young University
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About Kirk W. Larsen 

Dr. Kirk W. Larsen is an associate professor of history at Brigham Young University. His research interests include foreign relations in East Asia, imperialism, and U.S.-East Asian Relations. He previously taught at the University of Texas Austin and The George Washington University. He is the recipient of the BYU History Department’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award in 2010 and the Bender Teaching Award from George Washington University in 2006.

Dr. Larsen’s publications include Tradition, Treaties, and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Chosŏn Korea, 1850–1910 and Peace in the East: An Chunggŭn’s Vision for Asia in the Age of Japanese Imperialism (co-editor with Yi T’ae-jin and Eugene Y. Park). 

He has published, presented, and commented on a variety of contemporary issues including East Asian foreign relations, North Korea, nationalism and elections in South Korea, and Sino-Korean relations. He has appeared on ABC, MSNBC, VOA, the Canadian Broadcast System, and Al Jazeera.

Dr. Larsen received a PhD in history from Harvard University. 

In July 2014, Ambassador Qiu Guohong in preparation for Xi Jinping’s visit to Seoul stated that the “relationship between South Korea and China couldn’t be any better.”1 Among the many…

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August 13, 2018