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Claude Barfield

Resident Scholar
American Enterprise Institute
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About Claude Barfield

Claude Barfield is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, focusing on international trade, trade policy, cybersecurity, and digital privacy. Prior to coming to AEI, he was a consultant to the office of the US Trade Representative, researching international trade policy (including trade policy in China and East Asia), the World Trade Organization (WTO), intellectual property, and science and technology policy. 

His many books and publications include Swap: How Trade Works with Philip Levy, a concise introduction to the principles of world economics, and Telecoms and the Huawei conundrum: Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States, an AEI Economic Studies analysis that explores the case of Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei and its commitment to long-term investment in the United States.

In addition to his experience at AEI and USTR, Dr. Barfield was the co-staff director of the President’s Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties between 1979 and 81. He was also a staff member in the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He completed his doctorate at Northwestern University. 

This analysis written “in medias res” (in the midst of things) covers trade policy under President Donald Trump. The basic outline was prefigured during the presidential campaign, but this did…

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August 1, 2017

After more than a decade of energetic pursuit of FTAs, a moment of decision has arrived in 2013. Three far-reaching, multilateral initiatives are simultaneously under negotiation: TPP, Regional Comprehensive Economic…

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Region: Asia

The proposed China-Japan-Korea (CJK) FTA, if it comes to fruition, will be a major economic accomplishment in its own right; but it will also constitute an important milestone and potential…

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Region: Asia

September 3, 2013

The goal of this study is to explore the current state of U.S.-Korea trade and economic relations, with special emphasis on the impact of the rise of Asian regionalism and…

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Region: Asia

May 25, 2011