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The Retreat (And Return?) of the United States: Gordon Flake

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Show Notes

Since Donald Trump took over as president in 2017, the United States has been retreating from the world – and from the Indo-Pacific region more specifically. Most notably, the country has backed out from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the nuclear agreement with Iran, and the Paris Climate Agreement.

How do countries in the Indo-Pacific region see the diminishing role of the United States on the global and regional stage?

Korea Economic Institute Senior Director Troy Stangarone spoke with Professor Gordon Flake on the views from Australia – one of America’s closest and oldest allies in the Western Pacific. He explains why the Trump administration’s isolation has been particularly concerning to Australia and what roles middle powers like Australia and South Korea have taken up at this time.

We have an exciting upcoming event at KEI next week – Former National Intelligence Officer for North Korea Markus Garlauskas will join us for a conversation on how COVID-19 has become a factor in North Korea’s engagement with the United States – and what the impending U.S. presidential election means for negotiations going forward.

You will find the RSVP here:

July 17, 2020