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The Man with the Baltic Stare

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Show Notes

In this episode we hear from the elusive James Church, author of the acclaimed Inspector O novels, which include The Corpse in the Koryo and Hidden Moon. Mr. Church has recently published his fourth book, The Man with the Baltic Stare, and I am one of the first and only to  speak with him about it publicly.

What makes this even more exciting is the enigma behind James Church, who has for years now enshrouded himself from the public eye. The name is actually a pseudonym, and his voice has been altered for this recording. The author is a former Western intelligence officer who has spent a great deal of time in Asia. This is just about everything that we and the public know about Mr. Church, so we will take advantage of this opportunity to dig into the mystery hopefully illuminate a bit more about this man and his books.

September 22, 2010