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South Korea’s Growing Role in Myanmar

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Show Notes

Ever since Myanmar's political and economic opening several years ago, countries have been looking to get in on the ground floor to build ties with this emerging economy in Southeast Asia. And South Korea has put itself in the game in a big way – devoting millions to development projects in Myanmar and encouraging private sector investment in the country.

This week's guest, Dr. Matteo Fumagalli, recently wrote a paper for KEI about South Korea's role in Myanmar, including room for improvement when it comes to strategic planning. In this episode, he sits down with Korean Kontext host Jenna Gibson to discuss the economic and security implications of Seoul's burgeoning ties with Naypyidaw.

To read Dr. Fumagalli's full paper, please click here.

Image from LG전자's photostream on flickr Creative Commons.



April 10, 2017