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Korea: The Impossible Country - Daniel Tudor

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Show Notes

Daniel Tudor, author of Korea: The Impossible Country In this episode we spoke to The Economist’s South Korea correspondent, Daniel Tudor. Having been based in Korea for over a decade, Tudor has just finished writing one of the few English language books to have been published in recent years on the subject of the Republic of Korea.

In Korea: The Impossible Country, Tudor examines Korea’s cultural foundations; the Korean character; the public sphere in politics, business, and the workplace as well as the family, dating, and marriage. In doing so, he touches on topics as diverse as shamanism, clan-ism, the dilemma posed by North Korea, the myths about doing business in Korea, the Koreans’ renowned hard-partying ethos, and why the infatuation with learning English is now causing huge social problems.

In the podcast we touch upon several of these subjects and take a close look at some of the unique qualities that have made South Korea the country it is today. Join us for a fascinating conversation and download the episode today!

For more information on Tudor’s new book, click here.

November 26, 2012