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Keeping up with North Korea

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Show Notes

The last month has seen two North Korean ICBM tests, a new round of UN sanctions, and threats exchanged between Washington and Pyongyang. To catch up on the latest developments from the Korean Peninsula and try to make sense of some of the rhetoric that has been coming out of the Trump Administration, three members of the KEI staff sat down with Korean Kontext host Jenna Gibson for this episode of the podcast.

Mark Tokola, KEI's vice president, Troy Stangarone, our senior director, and Kyle Ferrier, director of academic affairs and research, discuss a variety of topics related to North Korea, including the difference between a preventative strike and a pre-emptive one, possiblities for the use of cyber attacks, and some of the strengths and weaknesses of the new UN sanctions.

Photos from the U.S. Coast Guard and Prachatai on flickr Creative Commons.

August 10, 2017