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Ambassador’s Wolsetenholme and Choo

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Show Notes

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This episode of Korean Kontext has a distinctly British flavor, featuring interviews with two leading Ambassador’s that work closely on UK and Korea related affairs.

While recently in London, Korean Kontext had the opportunity of speaking to South Korea’s Ambassador to the UK,  Choo Kyu-ho. Through an insightful exchange with the Ambassador, Korean Kontext learnt about South Korea’s diplomatic objectives in the UK, what lessons North East Asian countries might be able to learn from the Eurozone crisis and EU integration, and what it was like for the Embassy to work in a country also sharing a DPRK diplomatic presence.

And back in Washington DC, Korean Kontext recently met with the UK’s new Ambassador to North Korea – Karen Wolstenholme.  A fascinating conversation with the UK’s top diplomat in North Korea reveals what life is like as an Ambassador in Pyongyang, what level of in-country contact the UK has with DPRK officials, and how things have been like since the death of Kim Jong-il.

Tune in and download the podcast today – it is an essential listen for any Korea-watcher!

February 23, 2012