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Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies: Emerging Voices

Publication: April 2012

Selling North Korea in New Frontiers: Profit and Revolution in Cyberspace

When the Internet became accessible to the international public in the 1990’s, it forever revolutionized the way people exchange information and communication. Demands for connection to the virtual world spurred global economic growth as new firms emerged to supply wanted products and services. And as commercial transactions became possible online,…

Peter Nesbitt

North Koreans Have Cell Phones - Why cell phones won’t lead to revolution and how they strengthen the regime.

Until the recent passing of Kim Jong-il, the world thought of North Korea as a Stalinist, Hermit Kingdom run by a crazy, nuclear weapon-building, grey jumpsuit-wearing dictator known as the Dear Leader. Yet, against a narrative of repression, torture, and brinksmanship, North Korea has dramatically expanded its mobile telecommunication infrastructure…

Nothing to be Afraid of? North Korean Political Economy and Economic Reform

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) President Kim il-Sung explained to his counterpart Erich Honecker, President of the German Democratic Republic, in 1977 that building socialism in the DPRK is the foundation for establishing a new social order in the entire nation.1 Socialist principles have guided the North Korean political…

South Korean National Identity and its Strategic Preferences

Natural disasters are known to draw nations closer together. The 2004 tsunami relief efforts of various states, especially the United States, were widely credited with improving relations with Indonesia. An outpouring of sympathy and, especially, a major assistance program, elicited public gratitude at a time of great need. Yet, heightened…

The Dollar’s Influence in East Asia: Benevolent or Overbearing? A Comparative Answer in the U.S. Economic Aid and the Dollar Standard

There is no doubt that the United States has been a dominant economic power in the world. U.S. troops are deployed in the various corners of the world, and their military presence is often a strong force in propping up the status quo or a peaceful co-existence, possibly and hopefully…

Eunjung Lim

Another Energy Competition in Northeast Asia Coal Policies of South Korea and Japan in Comparative Perspective

Northeast Asian countries compete against one another in order to procure natural resources from abroad. Moreover, competition surrounding energy-related technologies is getting overheated in this region. It would be worth paying attention to energy competition between South Korea and Japan, so we can better understand energy security in Northeast Asia…