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Jinwoan Beom Headshot

Jinwoan Beom

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Jinwoan BEOM is an economist at Korea/Sweden desk in the OECD Economics Department. Joining the desk in 2019, he has worked on macroeconomic analysis, produced economic outlooks, and contributed to Economic Surveys on Korea and Sweden. Prior to joining the OECD, he joined the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea in 2006. He is scheduled to return to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in January 2022.

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Digitalization could open a new era of growth for Korea. Previous expansion waves, based on traditional industries, have fostered export-led growth and placed Korea among the world’s top ten economies.…

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Region: Asia

This is the sixth in a 10 part series looking at how the issues identified in KEI’s annual “10 Issues to Watch for on the Korean Peninsula” series developed in 2021. The original “10 Issues” piece can be found here. Korea has dealt with the COVID-19 shock better than most other OECD countries, with no hard…

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Region: Asia

December 23, 2021