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KEI Contributor – Charles Boustany

American ideals coupled with the commercial self-interest of American business and industry drove the policy of engagement, and even after the 1989 massacre of student protesters at Tiananmen Square, sustained…

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Region: Asia

June 24, 2020

To mark the publication of KEI’s 31st volume of our Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies, please join us for a discussion of three distinct approaches to understanding perhaps the most consequential recent development in international affairs: the intensifying competition between the United States and China.

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The recent midterm elections brought a significant shift with Democrats regaining control of the House of Representatives. While the Trump administration has been able to pursue its policies largely unimpeded for the last two years, it will now have to deal with opposition control of the House. How might Democratic control of the House impact key policy issues in Northeast Asia, such as the Trump administration’s efforts to reach an agreement with North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapon and missile programs or its trade policy towards China? How might the Trump administration work with a divided Congress?

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December 12, 2018
Kathleen Stephens, Charles Boustany, James Zumwalt, Joseph Yun