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Please join us for a panel discussion with Peace Corp-Korea volunteers on their experience with the pro-democracy movement in Gwangju, authoritarianism, and the country’s evolution after the Korean War.

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November 2020
Kathleen Stephens, Yong Kwon, Clark Sorensen, Don Baker, Laurel Kendall, Edward Shultz

While “Fire and Fury” was still fresh on people’s Twitter feed in January 2018, events at the 2018 Winter Olympics pushed South Korea, North Korea, and the United States towards a path of engagement. At the center of these developments, North and South Korean women came together to compete under a joint Korean ice hockey team. The compelling story of that first breakthrough during a time of uncertain diplomatcy garnered worldwide attention.

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October 2019
Seth Berkman, Kathleen Stephens, Yong Kwon