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South Korea Public Opinion Poll – November 10 – November 26

Published November 27, 2012
Category: South Korea

Independent candidate Ahn Cheol-soo withdrew from the South Korean presidential race Friday, giving his support to fellow left-leaning hopeful Moon Jae-in.

This development clears the way for Moon Jae-in to face Park Geun-hye, the candidate for the governing Saenuri Party. Until Friday, Ahn had been working with Moon, of the Democratic United Party, to merge their presidential bids ahead of next month’s election, but the two had failed to reach an agreement.

With Moon now set to campaign directly against Park Geun-hye, the election outcome will be a much closer call than had all three candidates continued to run against each other.

Update from Asan:

With Ahn out of the race, and candidates registered, this question now includes response options for all candidates. However, only Park Geun-Hye and Moon Jae-In are shown here. Shim Sang-Jung is polling at 0.4%, Lee Jung-Hee at 0.2%, and Kang Ji-Won at 0.2%. They are thus omitted from the chart, but their numbers will be reported each week. If a candidate receives more than 5%, that candidate will be included in the chart.

With Ahn dropping out of the race, the response options were modified, and there are thus two days of missing data: November 24 & 25. As of November 26, Park was leading with 43.1%, Moon was at 40.4%, and 12.7% were undecided.

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