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Yu Na Choi

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About Yu Na Choi

Yu Na Choi is a student majoring in international relations at Seoul National University. Yu Na’s main research interests include the role of political ideology in South Korea’s public and foreign policymaking.

As part of her undergraduate studies, she analyzed the role of political ideology in shaping public acceptance of both international economic agreements and fiscally expansionary policies in response to the pandemic.

Yu Na is also interested in the balance of power in Korea’s democratic system and human rights issues such as the domestic and international implications of South Korea’s refugee policy.

South Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in Busan is part of the national agenda. In its efforts to win the expo, Seoul is looking to leverage its strengths, including its business networks and naming BTS as official ambassadors, to make up ground in what may be a long shot bid against the…

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Region: Asia

September 9, 2022

It took 53 days of legislative vacuum for South Korea’s two political parties to finalize committee chair appointments for the second half of the 21st National Assembly. While immediate points of tension such as wrangling over a new police support organization may have shaped the partisan divide, these deadlocks are a perennial issue in South…

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July 23, 2022

South Korea’s National Police Agency hosted the second annual Korea-ASEAN International Crime Capacity Building Program between July 4 and 15, 2022. Ongoing efforts to transfer policing know-how to participating Southeast Asian countries supported the previous administration’s initiative to bolster ties with the region. It also represented South Korea’s use of its good governance record to…

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July 10, 2022

A recent hearing by the Congressional Human Rights Commission expressed hopes for a breakthrough in South Korea’s refugee policies under the Yoon administration. Despite its growing international status and economic power, the country retains an extraordinarily low refugee acceptance rate of 1.5%. South Korea’s refugee policies have been so far shaped by political expedience, not…

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July 4, 2022