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Sang Kim

Director of Public Affairs & Intern Coordinator
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About Sang Kim

Sang Kim is the Director of Public Affairs and Internship Coordinator at Korea Economic Institute of America where she is responsible for KEI programs and managing interns. She joined the KEI in April 2013 as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant.

Prior to joining KEI, Sang held internship at the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS. While she was at USKI, she researched a variety of issues related to Korean affairs, focused mainly on U.S. – Korea and inter-Korea relations. Some of her research topics included U.S.-ROK 123 Agreement, principles of responsible nuclear exporters, and assessments of North Korea’s third nuclear test. In addition to conducting research, she also provided administrative support to USKI, such as assisting at events and conferences, answering phones and greeting visitors. She also worked with USKI’s Visiting Scholars from South Korea, helping them integrate into DC culture.

Sang graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a B.A. in Government & Politics with minors in Korea Studies and Chinese Language. She also received a certificate in East Asia Studies Certificate and has taken Modern Mandarin and Taiwanese Culture courses at the National Taiwan Normal University. Sang earned her Master’s degree in Security Policy Studies from the George Washington University.

2019 was a year of confusion in the United States and the Asia-Pacific. After the failed Hanoi summit, the world waited for North Korea to come back to the table,…

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February 14, 2020
Troy Stangarone, Sang Kim, Director Kyle Ferrier

December 22, 2020
Sang Kim, Yong Kwon, Sahie Kang, Young-mee Yu Cho, Marilyn Strickland

Social media platforms have helped both grow and bring together K-pop fans from across the world. In turn, this highly networked community engages in not only cultural diplomacy but also high-impact activism. As we speak, the K-pop fan community is playing an increasingly visible role in the movement for racial justice in the United States. While the community’s advocacy feels out of place for a group that is most closely associated with choreographed dances and catchy melodies, it may become a mainstay in the political landscape going forward.

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July 14, 2020
Sang Kim, CedarBough Saeji

In cooperation with the World Affairs Council of America, the Korean Economic Institute of America (KEI), the US Department of State, and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea World Affairs Council of Albuquerque are pleased to announce a panel discussion with the representatives from the KEI, State Department and Korea. Please join us for an engaging evening on current events in Korea and interact with those with first-hand experience.

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September 13, 2019
Claire Smolik, Sang Kim

We were reminded last year that it can be difficult to anticipate the events that will dominate any given year. As 2020 began, few people expected focus of the world or the Korean Peninsula to be on a global pandemic, but that is how the year unfolded. South Korea has handled the pandemic relatively well…

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By Ingyeong Park Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, medical staff are contributing creative ideas in overcoming the pandemic. Drive-thru, and walk-thru screening centers for COVID-19 are prime examples. What is a Drive-Thru screening center for COVID-19 Drive-thru screening centers, which help patients by testing them for the COVID-19 by using their vehicles in the…

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Region: Asia

April 16, 2020

By Sang Kim Campaign trucks with large displays of candidates’ photos and designated numbers playing loud music accompanied by choreographed dance is a common scene during South Korea’s election season. However, with the global pandemic impacting every aspect of our lives, we are seeing different campaign scenes ahead of the April 15 National Assembly election.…

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Region: Asia

April 9, 2020

By Liberty Smith President Moon Jae In’s drive to create “an inclusive economy” is an ambitious objective, especially as the Korean government is simultaneously engaged in intense negotiations with North Korea and the United States. Faced with slowing growth, rising income inequality, and high youth unemployment, Moon pledged to revitalize the drivers of the economy…

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Region: Asia

January 16, 2019