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Security Effects of Emerging Military Technologies: Implications and Key Issues
Published December 13, 2021
Publication Source: IFANS
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Emerging technologies are evolving at a rapid pace in the era of digital transformation. These technologies are rapidly being used for military purposes, and the resulting state-of-the-art weapons system is altering countries’ military systems, military operations, and patterns of warfare, adding uncertainties to global security and undermining strategic stability across the world.

While countries around the world have yet to agree on the rules governing the use of new weapons, the rise of new weapon systems triggered by the development of emerging technologies, and the race among the world’s technological powerhouses to develop new weapons are destabilizing the global security environment. This latest trend is being fueled by an arms race between the U.S., China, and Russia. This article takes a closer look at the distinctive features of the new type of weapons based on emerging technologies; the latest trends in the development of new weapons; the impact of new weapon systems on strategic stability and other security implications; key issues regarding the development of new weapons; and how the rise of new weapons will affect South Korea’s diplomacy in the coming years.

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