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Mekong Subregion-RoK Cooperation to Build Stable Supply Chains in Southeast Asia
Published August 8, 2023
Publication Source: KIEP
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The Mekong subregion has emerged as a key hub in the global value chain (GVC), driven by a surge in foreign direct invest-ment (FDI). This development is rooted in the Mekong subregion’s robust economic growth, positioning it strategically amid the ongoing competition between the United States and China for global hegemony. The RoK recognizes the strategic significance of the Mekong subregion and has embarked on cooperative efforts in this context. We delve into the potential of harnessing the Mekong subregion to enhance RoK’s supply chain diversity. While it may pose challenges for the Mekong subregion to promptly function as a target for RoK’s supply chain diversification due to its developmental and infrastructural status, we proactively explore potential avenues of RoK-Mekong cooperation to determine feasibility.

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