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Geopolitical Risk in the Era of U.S.-China Strategic Competition and Economic Security
Published August 30, 2022
Publication Source: KIEP
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Recently, the intensification of U.S.-China strategic competition, spread of COVID-19 infections, and the Russia-Ukraine war are disrupting the global supply chain and increasing instability in the global economy. The resulting instability in the supply of semiconductors, medicines, food, and energy is leading to an economic downturn, and the U.S., China, Japan, and EU are actively pursuing strategies to strengthen economic security. The key to recent economic security is the U.S.-China strategic competition. Because the United States is re-tightening economic-security links that were loosened in the post-Cold War era to counter China’s economic rise. And the concept of recent economic security largely includes the elements of economic statecraft, economic resilience, and building mutual trust.

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