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On Korea: Academic Paper Series 2009

9 Publications

South Korea's National Identity Sensitivity: Evolution, Manifestations, Prospects

National identity in South Korea is steeped in historical regret laced with wishful pursuit of idealistic absolution. Intemperate bouts of seeking immediate satisfaction draw support from the right or the left, leaders above or the public below. This is a situation in clear contrast to the postwar pattern in Japan…

Ploughshares into Swords: Economic Implications of South Korean Military Spending

South Korea is currently engaged, once again, in a large-scale, expensive modernization of its military that aims to provide the country with a more robust and self-sufficient defense. The timing of this considerable increase in military spending might seem, at first glance, rather odd. Korean economic growth has been relatively…

Trust Building through Institutions: European Lessons for Korean Unification

The U.S. National Intelligence Council report, Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World, published in 2008, predicts that Korean unification is likely by 2025 “if not as a unitary state, then in some form of North-South confederation.” Although the report does not specify the form of unification, unitary or confederal, it…